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Are you ready for the Major Leagues? Try your skill at the Batting Cages, with everything from slow pitch softball to fast pitch baseball. Choose your bat carefully; grab your helmet and step up to the plate. Select what pitching level you want to try and get ready to swing away!

With five different cages, each with softball and baseball options, you and your friends can hit all at once, or you can sit back behind the cage and watch them swing away. Three different pitch speeds (slow and fast) will challenge your skills all day long. All equipment is certified with your safety in mind. Now it’s just up to you to hit some homeruns!

Two outs, bottom of the 9th inning, and you’re up to bat …

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Age Requirement – slow pitch
6 yrs or older
Age Requirement – fast pitch
16 yrs or older
*Adult supervision is required for batters under 10 years old. A helmet with face mask is required at all times.

Fun Facts

Fun Facts

Fast pitch speed
60 MPH
Slow pitch speed
30 MPH
Distance from pitcher to batter
40 feet