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The Skibowl Raceway at Skibowl is a state of the art facility dedicated to racing and competition. The race track features two different style cars, with the high-performance Indy Race Karts and the nimble Sprint Karts. Both offer wheel to wheel racing action!

Sprint Karts

The Sprint Karts are super fun to drive and do not require a driver license.  You must be at least 58″ tall to drive alone. Work your way up to the Indy Race Karts with some exciting action in these sporty machines!

Indy Race Karts

The Indy Race Karts are high-performance machines that are used around the world for Kart racing. These machines can handle hairpin turns at high speeds and will challenge even the most experienced race drivers. All your races are timed so put the pedal to the metal! Will your name be on the hall of fame? The Indy Race Karts are for anyone 60 inches or taller that have a valid government issued driver’s license. Drivers are required to wear helmets (provided) and closed toed shoes.

The Karts are the SODI brand racing karts from England and a great addition to our fleet.

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