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Please see below for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding hosting a wedding at Skibowl.

Our wedding season runs June-September. To inquire about available dates, please contact Shannon Berger-Hammond, Director of Group Sales & Catering, at 

Yes, shuttle service comes with every wedding package! Our wedding shuttle is onsite the entire day of your wedding. The driver will  often pick up the bridal party first and take them directly to the Warming Hut or lifts. He will then pick up family and the wedding party for photos, dropping off at the Warming Hut or lifts. He will complete a Lodging Loop for guests (with continual stops between Collins Lake Resort, the Best Western, and Grand Lodges), dropping off at Skibowl W for your guests to ride the lift up to your ceremony site. At the end of the 30 minute Lodging Loop, he will take guests who did not want to ride the lift up to the Warming Hut directly via shuttle. He will then stay onsite during your ceremony (hidden from view) to take folks back down to the reception tent. The shuttle stays onsite all night to ensure everyone gets where they need to go at the conclusion of your wedding. NOTE: The shuttle to and from the reception tent is primarily reserved for folks that cannot take the lift. We encourage guests to allow the shuttle to be available for people with disabilities, any elderly guests, and children. 

Each guest will receive a wristband for the day that will provide them with one lift ride up to your ceremony site (Warming Hut) and one Alpine Slide (or lift) ride back down to the reception tent. There is a special lane reserved solely for wedding party/guests at the entrance to the lifts, where their wristbands are conveniently located for pickup (lift attendants hand out wristbands). 

Children must be 48” or taller to ride alone. Under 48” – and at least 3 years old – may ride with a parent or guardian. If under 3 years old, children must be transported to/from ceremony site via shuttle. 

Our parking lot is adjacent to the main lodges of Skibowl West. We have access directly from the parking lot to the reception site. This is where the shuttle will pick up and drop off as well. Parking is free. You can leave your vehicle over night at your own risk. *Skibowl is not liable for lost or stolen items.

Within one year of your wedding date, our team will send you a Discount Lodging Code for our sister lodges, Collins Lake Resort and The Grand Lodges. Both are luxury accommodations perfect for any wedding party or guest. You can learn more about our lodging here. In addition to our lodges, there is the Best Western, Golden Poles, and many Airbnb’s & Vacasa rentals scattered throughout Government Camp.

Ceremony rehearsals are scheduled the day before your wedding at 11:00am. It is safe to assume there is another wedding the day of your rehearsal. We like to ensure each wedding party has access to the Warming Hut and their wedding space at the time of their arrival. As our lifts open at 11:00am and brides tend to start arriving around noon, we keep to the 11:00am rehearsal timeframe for those reasons. During your rehearsal, we practice lining up and walk through the processional, recessional, where parents will be, any special events for the ceremony, and answer questions. NOTE: Lift wristbands for your ceremony rehearsal are included in your wedding package for those who are actively involved in your ceremony proceedings (bridesmaids, groomsmen, officiant, parents, flower girls/ring bearers, etc.). You will need to purchase lift tickets for anyone who is not walking down the aisle that wants to attend the rehearsal (i.e. spouses/partners of bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc.). Please contact your coordinator for details/help purchasing extra wristbands.  

You are welcome to drop off your cake/desserts during your ceremony rehearsal for overnight storage in our specified dessert fridge. Please ask your coordinator for assistance with this. All desserts should be adequately marked with the couple’s name and wedding date.

The venue is considered yours from 9:00am – 12:00 am. Vendors and décor crew can come as early as 9:00am to start setting up. Linens will be on the tables, and any additional tables (i.e. wooden gift tables, dessert tables, etc.) will be set and ready to go. Once your décor team, florists, and vendors have finished setting up, our team will do a thorough cleaning and set the space for the reception. Our wedding coordinators will work with your team to ensure everything is where it is meant to be. 

Your wedding party is responsible for all décor – set up, take down, and removal. Our team does not interfere with décor, monitor, set up or disassemble. This includes all flowers, gifts, cards, and personal items. Our team will not handle personal items. We recommend finding a person/s to oversee all décor and personal items. A helpful hint: you can set up your décor at home (i.e. how you would like your reception tables to look) and take a picture to pass onto your set up crew – it’s very helpful!

Yes! Each vendor will need to submit a COI (Certificate of Insurance) Form – these will be turned directly into Skibowl. Friends or family acting as a vendor do not need a COI Form if they understand that Skibowl is not responsible for damaged or lost equipment. Forms will be provided by your coordinator during finalization meetings.

We will need to coordinate the arrival time of all vendors. If vendors are needing to get up to the ceremony site, they will either need to hop on one of the scheduled shuttles or pilot the shuttle up to the ceremony site. We cannot make specific trips for each vendor. The best plan is to organize your vendors arrival after we have established a timeline. This will allow you to know what your scheduled shuttle times will be. NOTE: Vendors unfamiliar with the venue must be piloted by a Skibowl vehicle to the ceremony site. They may travel down on their own accord if comfortable. If a vendor has submitted a COI and is familiar with the Mountain Road, they are welcome to travel on their own if a Skibowl staff person knows when they are traveling up and down. 

Our “bridal lounge” is located in the Warming Hut, at the top of Lower Bowl, about 4,500 feet high. It has an amazing view of Mt. Hood and is easily accessible by lift or shuttle. We have a Warming Hut host that will be onsite to assist you in any way. There is no running water, extra outlets are limited and the restrooms are “rustic”. Because of this, we strongly advise bridal parties to get their hair/makeup done at their place of lodging PRIOR to arriving at the Warming Hut; it’s best for finishing touches! Wedding parties generally gather in or around the Warming Hut. The ladies tend to be inside and the guys meander around. We provide one complimentary bottle of champagne and a small snack board. We do offer various platters, sandwiches, and more for your hungry groomsmen and bridesmaids! Ask your coordinator about options. We will have them ready and waiting in the Warming Hut for your wedding party and family! NOTE: There is not a way to go back down the mountain, and then back up again, if anyone is to need anything, so please plan accordingly. Inside there are tables, a full-length mirror, and a fan for
hot days. 

Absolutely! If choosing to do a First Look, there are several options. The most popular is having your First Look at the top of Upper Bowl, which requires riding up an additional lift. It is a short walk to this second lift from the Warming Hut. Due to the steepness of the lift and limited load capacity, only the couple and their photographers are able to join, but the views are INCREDIBLE and the photos are well worth the ride! Our team strongly suggests this option, as it’s a truly unique and memorable experience. The Upper Bowl lift operates Friday through Sundays. There is a $500 added fee to operate the lift for an Upper Bowl First Look on days it is not open. Another option is to have your First Look outside of the Warming Hut. Our Warming Hut host is happy to help coordinate a lovely First Look! 


We will be honoring the Confederated Tribe of Warm Springs with an Indigenous People’s Day on October 1st. It’s the final day of Summer Operation at Mt. Hood Adventure Park at Skibowl. Warm Springs Tribal members can present their Tribal Member ID for a Complimentary Action Pass valid Sunday, Oct. 1, 2023 11AM – 6PM.